Meet the Team

Tony Long – Founder and CEO

Face PicOf FashionBar LLC is a Chicago resident focused on a mission to help identify Chicago as a fashion destination.  Tony acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Management with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  Tony worked for various fortune 100 companies such as Federal Mogul Corporation (Formerly known as FelPro Corporation), Avery Dennison, Alcan Packaging, WW Grainger etc. In his 20yrs of corporate experience in Marketing, Management, Manufacturing and Distribution, he’s accomplished the opening of  a manufacturing facility in Orange, France for Nestle Corporation during his employment at Alcan Packaging. He’s implemented SAP technologies at WW Grainger and project managed the execution of Healthcare Reform mandates and regulations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois which was set forth by Obamacare and the US Federal Government.

After achieving a list of comprehensive corporate achievements, Tony shifted his focus on his true dedication onto Fashion business where he’s been able to launch FashionBar Chicago.  This vision to combine this corporate experience coupled with his flair for fashion has strengthened his presence within the Chicago fashion industry. FashionBar Chicago continues to grow as a central source for business and consulting to nationalize Chicago as a fashion capital bridging LA to New York City!

1Steve Alvarez

Steve Alvarez – Director of Runway Execution

is the Director of Runway Execution/Master Stylist for FashionBar Chicago a premier fashion strategy consulting firm specializing in runway execution, styling, marketing, public relations, and promotions.  He has over 15 years of vast experience within the Fashion Industry ranging from fashion styling, wardrobe styling, window styling, fashion consulting, and personal shopping working with various national corporations/brands such as Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus and Macys to name a few. He received a Bachelors in Business Administration from Loyola University of Chicago and later obtained a Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University.

Style Philosophy: Fashion is an amazing outlet for ones self expression. It’s an opportunity for people to motivate, cultivate, aspire, create and become who they feel they want to be. The person becomes the master of their own story through fashion.


Sara Ovando – Director of ComplianceFullSizeRender

Sara has always had a passion for fashion and beauty. At a young age she and her sister were scouted by modeling agencies but Sara wanted to be behind the scenes and instead decided to become a makeup artist and esthetician. Sara obtained her Bachelor’s degree with honors in Sociology and Psychology from California University of Long Beach. Afterwards she attended law school at The John Marshall Law School (JMLS) in Chicago. She wanted to merge her passion for beauty and fashion with her educational goals and knew that business and intellectual property were important in these industries. Therefore she obtained a certificate of concentration in Intellectual Property and became a board member of the Fashion Law Society at JMLS.
The Fashion Law Society focused on bringing awareness to the issues relevant to the fashion industry, such as intellectual property, advertising, business, employment, regulatory, and international legal issues. As a board member it was her job to find events that not only pertained to legal seminars but also events within the fashion industry to further expand their platform. As a board member she also helped plan and execute the Fashion Law Society’s Annual Fashion Law Symposium, which presented various panels regarding the current legal issues affecting the fashion and beauty industry.
In addition, Sara worked at the Trademark Clinic and Business Enterprise Law Clinic at JMLS. In the Trademark Clinic she worked closely with clients in researching their mark, preparing opinion letters and filing trademark applications with the USPTO. In the Business Enterprise Law Clinic she worked with budding entrepreneurs, helping them fill out their incorporation documents with the state, preparing articles of incorporation, as well as drafting various contracts ranging from employment to leasing agreements. 
Sara is an attorney in California and a member of the Intellectual Property and Business Law sections of the California State Bar, as well as a member of the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association and the Orange County Intellectual Property Law Association. As Director of Compliance, Sara oversees and investigates all regulatory and legal issues.

IMG_0359 Exton Julius – Fashion Photography , Marketing & Strategy

Exton Julius’s reputation for pushing boundaries both technically and creatively at every opportunity and being at the forefront of innovation is deeply attractive. He has worked on a range of often controversial photography to help push models and fashion designer brands to the limits of non-conforming artistic expression.  This drove Exton to better understand his extraordinary gift to Fashion, Branding and  Marketing of high-end luxury brands.  Exton has experiences in photography and marketing designer brands within the North  America, South American and European fashion luxury markets.  On his journey of self discovery through the lens of his camera, Exton was able to create a life style that signifies the ultimate brand consumers and business strive to achieve within fashion, beauty and wellness lifestyle.

Exton expanded his creative knowledge, coupled with this love for business, he grew up interested in modeling, fashion and lifestyle strategy.  An entertainer of all trades. “Why not have it all, is that too much to ask?” Photography, Fashion and Marketing does just that. “I like to capture all of it in a shot and be able to help and influence clients to experience the lens through my eyes.” Exton enjoys reaching new heights and loves each step of the way. He likes to keep his photos minimal, high-end yet simplistic. “Like all photographers, I’ve found my style of photography that impacts consumer behavior within a marketing environment through my creative images.., So why not be real and love what you do?” He loves to have fun with his talent. He makes it fabulous in his own way. “Thank-you.”Exton for joining the FashionBar team!


Nic White – Fashion Marketing & Operations Strategist


Nic is the Fashion Marketing & Operations Strategist for FashionBar. After completing his studies in Psychology, I/O focus, at Northern Illinois University he has expanded his expertise in the entertainment industry. He worked as the Chief Operations Officer for Maek, an electronic record label in Chicago and worked with building marketing divisions in the video game industry as well.

After running successful events such as music festivals and nightclubs he has brought his experience to FashionBar. When it comes to operations,his philosophy for successful operations is understanding that individual people are just as important as any operational process. Understanding how people behave allows for more organized larger-scale operations, both inside and outside the company.


RizzoAnthony Rizzo – TR Media

Anthony Rizzo is owner and creative director of TR Media.   Tony portfolio of work consists of  video production, marketing and branding for CEO’s and Entrepreneur’s looking to capture their story by utilizing moving images, music and content needed to capture your vision from a storytellers perspective.  A brand deserves more than just a video. It deserves a FILM, a beautifully realized STORY that has great impact and inspires your audience to believe in future if your product and/or service.  Tony has directed a feature film and has worked on various commercial and artistic projects since 2009, as writer,director, producer, cinematographer and many other roleRizzo in production and post-production.  “Don’t let your story go untold. At TR Media, we use cinematic, broadcast-quality storytelling to bring it to life”.





 Rashima Sampson – PR & Event Specialist

is a fashion public relations and events specialist with FashionBar Chicago. Rashima has a natural flair for fabulosity; her love of fashion and dressing13173241_10206025791633631_6495480284149613714_o up started at a young age.

By high-school, she knew that she wanted to pursue fashion as a career. Being inspired by movie ‘’The Devil Wears Prada,’’ she became confident that behind the scenes was where she wanted to be. Rashima combined her love of fashion and journalism and decided to take classes in Fashion Marketing-Management at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. During that time, she volunteered for numerous industry professionals and experimented with different aspects of Fashion Marketing. Her creative calling came after assisting with events, interning with a local fashion designer and traveling to New York to prep a photo-shoot.

Having memorable experiences in the industry, she is passionate about providing an experience through event planning, conveying creativity and achieving results in business. Rashima has recently became a published fashion assistant and has started SincerelyRashima, a blog that highlights her experiences in the industry. She is now working as a freelance publicist aspiring to build Chicago’s fashion and beauty market. Rashima’s aesthetic is feminine and classic; she appreciates a business-woman look with a trendy, modern twist.

With her city girl drive and vivid imagination, Rashima is always ready to take on new challenges and be apart of the growth of Chicago’s fashion industry!

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