Sales, Marketing and Distribution

Product placement is often initiated through an agreement between a designer/product manufacturer and the media company in which the media company receives economic benefits. A company will often pay a fee to have their product used, displayed, or significantly featured in a retail store or a boutique to increase sales and grow the designer’s brand. FashionBar’s agents will schedule and work with designers to ensure a professional business relationship in representing the designer in all aspects of sales, marketing and/or brand awareness.

Sales and Marketing Includes:

  • Determine Your Destination

Determine a customized B2B marketing strategy.

  • Align Your Business

Get your B2B company’s sales and marketing efforts moving in the same direction.

  • Drive Your Sales

Position your brand to succeed and increase sales for your B2B company.

  • Market Your Products

Tell your story with materials that complement your complex product and service.

Branding Includes:

  • Message: Deliver brand values
  • Experiences: Create experiences with the brand
  • Consistent: Reinforce consistent brand image
  • Energy: Create energizing ions between your brand and customer
  • Image: Position your brand appropriately in the marketplace
  • Relationships: Develop engaging relationships between your brand and your clients

Web Design:

  • Bring your image to the internet
  • Build credibility with your clients
  • Give start-ups an online presence
  • Integrate communication with your brand
  • Create an easy to navigate solution

Customized Online Branded Merchandise Store Solutions:

  • Manage all your order processing details
  • Eliminate inventory management
  • Detailed order analysis and tracking
  • High-quality name brand apparel and products
  • Secure online shopping
  • Drop/Ship capabilities

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